Two posts in one day – well when your on annual leave why not? – Leggings

So, it seems that theres a bit of controversy about men wearing leggings. Some people seem to really hate it.

Here’s my theory: Women wear clothes according to their shape (or at least thats what Gok Wang says) whereas mens clothes tend to come in one shape – square and shapeless that try to hide the fact that theres a body under there somewhere.

If your body shape isn’t square then square clothes make you look squat. So why not make things a bit more interesting with some skinny jeans or leggings? Afterall, you’ve probably spent hours at the gym trying to keep fit and healthy so why not show off your handiwork?

Ok so everyone is under strict instructions to ignore the fact that the way I’m standing makes it look like I’ve horribly broken my ankle or something, but here are my latest legging based acquisitions. Why are they good: well first off they have pockets! When was the last time you saw leggings with pockets. And secondly they have sort of psuedo-industrially designed ribbing around the legs which you can’t really see on the picture but are definitely there.


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