Rick Owens Wedges

So Rick Owens is an American clothes designer and he designs a range of quite expensive but pretty good looking mens and womens clothes.

He also makes a foray into something thats becoming more common. Heels on mens shoes. I think first off, its important to say that these are not big versions of women’s shoes designed for transvestites. They’re designed for men, they’re big and chunky and I think they look quite good.

Thinking about it anthropologically, you’d think that men would want to look a few inches taller. I very much doubt that men would ever wear delicate stilettos because they restrict mobility too much, but somethings like these I think would be fine. I wouldn’t have a problem wearing them. Just need to find £700.

Above are the knee high versions worn by Adam Lambert. I think you’d need to have a lot of guts to pull them off, or at least more guts than me.

I think the picture above is entirely Rick Owen’s stuff but I don’t really know enough to be able to say for sure. In any case I think they look quite good, but I reckon it’ll be a few more years before stuff like this becomes mainstream.

If you’ve been thinking to yourself, ‘damn, I have a bunch of cash and I want these’ then here they are.


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