Smeg Fridge/Freezers

To complete the trio of posts for each of my design categories I present the following on the glory of SMEG fridge/freezers.

Let me just lay out my cards, I don’t own one of these so I don’t know if they work as good as they look – but I do know that I would really very much like one.

I could try and justify my fridge lust with some fancy verbiage, or poetry, but I think that in this case pictures are worth more so here goes:

Just look at them. They’re beautiful. I really like that chunky 50’s aesthetic. From a design perspective they’re often integrated into modern kitchens as a sort of nod to retro-futuristic hopefulness.

Also, they just look a bit different from the usual white/grey boxes that the vast majority of us have. They allow a bit of colour in the kitchen without looking gaudy or out of place.

Of course, they also cost well over a thousand pounds so it’ll be a little while before I get one! There are other things on my list first!

Pictures and more details can be found at

PS retro-futuristic…. that might well be an oxymoron.


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