Furguson Hill Speakers

Ok so after talking about a whole bunch of stuff that I want, I thought that it wouldn’t be too ostentatious to discuss something which I already own.

A few years ago I saw an article in Macworld about a new set of iPod speakers that were made from acrylic bent into horn shapes. They had a promotion on for readers whereby you got a free subwoofer otherwise priced at £299 so I bought the whole package instantly.

The sound quality is like nothing I’ve heard before or since, crisp and clear but with enough power to make things interesting. People have described the experience as thought the band or orchestra were actually in the room with you. They not so good with rock or ‘busy’ music, but for jazz, classical and soul they’re stunning.

I guess what drew me to them was the horn shape, its modern, clean, (and transparent) whilst also harking back to an old style gramophone. They always remind me of the ‘His Masters Voice’ dog.

Here they are in the publicity shot, unfortunately my desk is not so chic.

And thats what they look like in my lounge (I’m using them as Apple Airplay speakers).

Now, if your super-rich the company also make man sized speakers for extremely trendy loft apartments in London. I’m sure they’re not that strict as to their usage, but you get the idea. They’re really quite something. The price is quite something too at £10,000 a pair.

More details here


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