The Day When James Was Good and Correctly Chose an Outfit for Ros

As we’ve had a busy few weeks and have both just been paid I thought it’d be nice to whizz into town and convince Ros that she deserved something nice.

We wondered into Topshop (quite by accident as I was headed to Topman) and lo and behold they had a little sale on. The Topshop/man combo store in Ipswich is both tiny and rubbish, but they do almost always seem to have a sale on.

After rummaging around I picked out a nice yellow dress, and sensing that I might well be onto a good thing I suggested that she try it on. This was totally selfless as (with all womens clothes shops) the changing rooms are right next to the bras and knickers and other womens things that I don’t pretend to understand. This of course means that unless you’re extremely brave and actually continue to browse through the store by yourself, you are stuck looking like a perv hanging around the underwear.

Anyway, the dress looked nice so we paid, were undercharged by £5, and moved on to the next ‘phase’ of the mission. Shoes.

Having not seen anything particularly good in Topshop we moved onto Office, who (incidentally) had a sale on too, but unless you had size 3 feet then there wasn’t much going on there either. Onto River Island. Bingo. Ros had indicated that sandals would be the way forward so I kept my hunting eyes open and detected these…

Again they looked good, so I sealed the deal, informing her that both they and her looked very nice. Taking them to the cash desk resulted in a £10 discount due to a slightly curled buckle strap. Extra bonus.

Anyway, the result is above, and its nice, light and summery. 10 points to Ros for being so pretty anyway, and 15 points for me for being very good and finding the new stuff!


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