Kitchenaid – The World’s Prettiest Kitchen Appliances

So you’ve read my post on Smeg Fridge/Freezers and you’ve ploughed a grand into buying one, yet you’ve still got money to spend?

Well, let me help.

There’s a company based in Ohio (thats owned by Whirlpool, but we’re ignoring that) that hand assemble the most glorious looking kitchen appliances known to mankind.

First up is the humble blender, designed for perfect kitchens with orange juice on tap, croissants at the ready, and eggs boiled to utter delectable delightfulness, its a must for budding TV chefs or show-home owners everywhere.

I suspect also that it never ever makes a mess and probably even loads itself into the dishwasher – for £200 I’d expect nothing less.

Next up is the paragon of chic luxury living – the espresso machine. If you’d like to turn your morning coffee into more of a ritual than a spoonful of Kenco and boiling water then look no further. This coffee machine is guaranteed to make you suave, sophisticated…… and Italian. Actually even better – Italian American.

If you really want to go totally all out then don’t forget to buy a burr grinder….but in case you were worried, they do a beautiful one of those too.

So now when you invite your 20-something £100k a year Jaguar driving mates around to your pokey little cheap flat you can offer them one of 12 different grinding settings depending how smooth they like the crema.

In all seriousness though, they are gorgeous little things, the surround isn’t plastic, its cast iron, and the see through bits are all pyrex glass. They’re quality products and they even have proper toggle switch! Everyone likes a good toggle switch!


2 thoughts on “Kitchenaid – The World’s Prettiest Kitchen Appliances

  1. What the heck is a burr grinder?

    And OJ on tap sounds amazing.

    Keep up the great blog! I want you (and Ros too) to start doing video posts so I can show PK your wonderful accents. I tried mimicking them for him but it was not the same (obviously).

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