Nail Polish

So as a man you want to move in the fashionable and colourful world of coloured nails?

Up until this point its generally accepted convention that guys (with plenty of self-confidence) can use black, brown or very dark blue. But what if you want to stand out a bit more and take it to the next level?

There’s hundreds of colours available but my experience suggests that they’re generally all high-gloss. The problem with this is that glossiness makes it look like you’ve put loads of effort into it, it looks to manicured, too perfect.

As with most styles for men, its all about looking like you spent 30 seconds on something (when in reality you know you’ve just spent longer in the bathroom than your girlfriend – much to her chagrin).

The solution?


It turns high gloss nail varnish into a dull matt finish that makes it look a bit like you used a felt tip pen. Cool. Only £1.50 too.


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