Tokyoflash produce watches.

Lots of companies produce watches, but these guys have dozens of the coolest designs you can imagine. Not just in terms of shape or colour but in new and creative ways of displaying the time.

I like them because they’re something thats different enough to be interesting but no so outlandish as to be completely ridiculous – like for example strapping twelve pigeons to your wrist and telling the time by how often you get shat on (some people may actually like that, this is a non-judgemental blog).

I think this is really quite cool, not only that but you can probably pretend that you’re a secret agent, and no one else will be able to peer at your wrist on the bus and figure out the time.

Its not astronomically expensive either at just over £100.

They have some other interesting designs too…

For more details go to their website….


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