Cool Clothes Roundup

There seem to be rather alot of sales on at the moment. I suppose its indicative of our new economic reality, but its annoying as there’s a fair amount of stuff that I’d like to pounce on (‘but Ros, look its half price – I’d be saving money’) – unfortunately I have a profound sense of guilt, and annoyingly strong self control.

As some sort of catharsis or purgation I offer the following roundup of stuff that I would buy if I was a spendthrift.

Number 1: Rad Hourani 

So its probably worth noting before you baulk at some of his designs that Rad Hourani designs exclusively unisex clothes – that clothes that are designed to look good on both men and women – have about 12 items in their sale and these are my picks…

This is a sort of combo t-shirt and jacket. The jacket splits off from the t-shirt at the shoulders but is fully attached. It looks nice and lightweight but is also loose enough to accommodate mens wider shoulders without looking ‘blocky’ as the contrasting jacket draws the eye downwards.

Ok so theres no real getting away from the fact that these look alot like a skirt over a pair of leggings – and in fairness thats basically what they are. However, the ‘skirt’ is actually a front panel that accommodates a couple of pockets and the leggings are really viscose trousers. I like the shape and with the right tshirt and possibly boots they’d look pretty awesome. He does do some decent looking boots, but they’re a bit to feminine for my liking – and they’re not on sale.

Number 2: Christopher Kane

Christopher Kane does a pretty decent line in colourful fitted t-shirts and jumpers that are printed with Hubble Space Telescope images (as well as an awesome Gorilla).

First up is this jumper that depicts a nebulous area of the galaxy some 20,000 lightyears away thats been dubbed a ‘star nursery’. Forget any mental images you might have of tiny little toddler stars, this nebula is thousands of lightyears across. Why wouldn’t anyone want to wear a tribute to such a remarkable bit of nature?

Same kinda thing above but a t-shirt. Enough said really.

Number 3: Topman

Arcadia Group stores do seem to have a permanent sale on (a bit like a classier and more interesting version of DFS). Anyway, their stuff is mostly definitely within my ‘on a whim’ price range that doesn’t require permission from The Rosalind.

These are only £8 and they’re a really cool fusion of ’60’s black horn-rimmed style glasses and more modern bright colours. And for only £8 I think I might make them mine!!

Update: Anyone thats interested – these are the links:

Rad for the sale stuff and for his latest collection which includes some really rather provocative unisex shorts….

Topman for the red glasses.



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