The Big Moldova Blog

So strictly, and indeed not so strictly speaking, the following series of posts have nothing to do with design whatsoever, however this blog seems like a decent place to stick my thoughts and feelings regarding my recently charity trip to Moldova.

Stick around for an interesting story…..coming soon. 



After riding a train for what seemed like 3 days and queuing up to see and unnerving official I am pleased to report that my new passport has arrived. This is most pleasing because:

  1. I can go to Moldova on a charity project in a fortnight
  2. It is quite a beautifully designed document
  3. When I go abroad I’ll be leaving the EU so I’ll get STAMPS!
  4. Its biometric so I can now stand in an automatic booth and have my face scanned to cross the UK border
  5. I can choose to upload an iris scan onto it for even more snazzy ways to let the government know where I am
Now it’s really very illegal to reproduce images of my own passport so you’ll have to make do the the Home Office official example images. I’ve uploaded them super big that you can see all the fine detailing….
Above in the front page and the rather neat but pompous instruction to any interested ‘foreigners’ that they’d better bloody well be nice to us or else (or else what? Good question)
Every middle page then had a different iconic british image, in this case the Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland and Durdle Door in Dorset. If you look closely you’ll see its all based on a weather theme – see the little weather forecast symbols in the top corners, a thermometer near the centre fold and across the page are pressure isobars which let you figure out the windspeed and hot/cold fronts. If you look really really closely you’ll see the words ‘United Kingdom’ in sort of 3D text in the background – you have to cross you’re eyes a bit though, its a bit like one of those magic eye things from the 1990’s.
This is the ID page, which now isn’t at the back – its on page 2 oddly. There’s a pretty looking compass embossed and laid ontop of the photo, and the waves are hologramatic silver that shimmers blue and black. If you look at the blurry printed imagine on the top side you’ll see that its actually made up of the persons name in tiny writing, and beneath that the bird is made up on tiny ‘United Kingdom’s’ over and over again. Oh and hiding in the background in brown is a map of the whole country.
Obviously some folks have gone to alot of trouble to make the document as secure and tamper-proof as possible, and, probably almost accidentally they’ve created a work of art too.