The Big Moldova Blog – Part 3: Hungary/Romania

The E30 - mental overtaking

There were a rather a large number of hookers on the E30 through Hungary, which the lorry drivers insisted on honking at – and as all the villages looked the same we started to wonder if we were really making any progress or whether we had simply gone insane. Phill got cabin fever and went mad whilst we tried to convince Kelvin who was driving that perhaps overtaking on a single carriageway was not a particularly good idea. We gave in when we got stuck behind a horse and cart – we didn’t want the lorry to get too far ahead as we didn’t have a sat nav!

Every damn village looked exactly the same - church/road/house - house/church/road

Made it to the Romanian border which as an EU border was quite easy to get through – they did look a little bit menacing though and the lorry got stuck over some rediculous made-up rule about something or other – the driver of that lorry paid a ‘fine’ (ie bribe (ie demanding money with menaces)) and were let through.

The Hungarian/Romanian border - a little bit of money required to grease the wheels

Onto the Hotel Iris where a welcome shower and hot meal greeted us. We were however served up a weirdly flat breast of chicken that might well have been road kill.

The room was clean and the bed was comfortable and after a magnificent Ursa beer (The Bear) it was straight to bed for the best sleep of my entire life. The day after we had a reasonably nice breakfast, although Kelvin asked for cereal and was served it with warm milk which he didn’t much like – I ordered a continental breakfast and was given essentially two very sweet brioche rolls. Odd, but welcome.

Margaret - the grey haired lady with the purple dress.

We first went to see an English lady called Margaret – who ran a project to get Romanian travellers to switch from begging to making crafts using hand weaving and she lived in an amazing little cottage where she drew water from a well – it was basic but incredibly quiet, peaceful and serene. I bought Ros a weaved bag with button which I’m sure she’ll drool over when I get back.

Margaret's garden - a beautiful shady sanctuary

A butterfly on a marigold

The hand loom used to create the bag for Ros


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