The Big Moldova Blog – Part 4: Moldova at last

The following morning we made our way south to the freight border and got really rather low on fuel – there were plenty of filling stations but BT pay for our fuel via DKV card and we didn’t want to buy 600 litres of fuel on our own credit cards. The fuel situation got so bad that we had to stop in a little village and barter for a piece of hose to syphon some diesel from lorry to get the van at least to the Moldovan border.

Job complete, but filthy with diesel we headed for the border, we crossed out of Romania and into no mans land, we saw a border sign that signified the end of the EU – here there be dragons!

Entering no mans land between Romania and Moldova

Immigration control in Moldova

As the lorry needed to clear freight again we waited just outside the Moldovan border checkpoint. NB do not hang around in a white van near a customs checkpoint – it looks incredibly suspicious. Inevitably we attached the attention of some Moldovan guards with disproportionately large hats and particularly rigid gold epaulettes.

You drive 2000 miles and the mobile phone company is exactly the same

As the driver, Kelvin had to go and pay a ‘fee’ to the customs officials and we were through! This was good because I have no desire to be banged up in some Moldovan jail somewhere for the next 50 years.

The lorries weren’t through though and so I slept in cab for a couple of hours. The large lorry was eventually cleared and so we drove to the nearest petrol station. We then went back to the border as we’d gotten out of radio range with the small lorry, oddly we managed to cross back across the border on foot because the customs office had an open door, we wondered across a few times for fun, then found a small bureau-de-change, got some Lei and went back to the petrol station – leaving the little lorry there to wait. It would be waiting for some time!

We headed for Chisinau and were treated to a nice communist looking sign on the M1, and some rather nice scenery.

The roadmap of Moldova - Trebujeni is on the top left circled

A really nice long straight road. I think this is the M2.

Nice communistical style sign.


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