The Big Moldova Blog – Part 5: Arriving at the School

We arrived at the site and it turned out that US Aid have already installed some fancy new double glazed windows – that’ll probably really help with insulation during the harsh winter months where the temperature can drop below -25c. Alan and John arrived a day or so early in Alan’s camper-van so work has already begun. They’d arranged for a concrete plinth to be poured to form a base where the showers are to be installed and a digger had dug a trench from the side of the building to the area where the septic pit and grey-water soak-away will be installed.

The trench had been dug by a digger before we'd arrived which was very handy

We spent the first evening tearing out the rotten skirting boards in the two bathrooms and coating the walls with unibond to prepare them for tiling later on. Afterwards we met up with four Americans; Hayley (which must be a boy’s name in America), Jessica, Andy and Alex from the Peace Corps who were living in Moldova for a couple of years to do things like health education and business development. They were a really nice bunch who helped us to settle down on the first evening and we went down to one of the local shops (magazine) to buy some beer called White Bear, as it had a picture of a polar bear on the front the drinking was referred to a slaughtering a polar bear. Nice.

A corridor.

The ablution facilities - oddly, they didn't really smell. Which was a relief.

The shower room to be



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