The Big Moldova Blog – Part 6: Day Number One

Right I’m back on the Moldova blogging wagon.

Turns out that the lovely ditch needed filling with rather large and heavy stones – so we cracked on with that – oh and by the way the stones that the mayor kindly donated were both too large and too small and needed to be separated, Andy helped out and we invented a system of shaking the larger stones to the bottom thus making the entire task much easier and felt particularly pleased with our ingenuity (I think it might be a man thing, but we feel very pleased with ourselves when we solve simple caveman like practical problems) – didn’t make it any cooler though at well over 35 degrees.

Piles of sand and stones to be moved. Hurray.

When we got bored of that we went inside and tried to strip out the vile communistical (that’s not actually a word, but I like the way it sounds) flooring in the to-be community room. The ground underneath was covered in mould – that was actually quite pretty – and the flooring was extremely heavy. Like totally unreasonably heavy, Lord knows what it was made of.

By this point I appear to have made friends with Alex and Andy, which is good for bilateral relations. Either this or, in a stunningly apt allegory of reality, I’ve imprinted onto them like a baby duck (who doesn’t have an empire anymore and isn’t sure what to do). Anyway – they’re super-nice, and they’re willing to use their brains and brawn for the benefit of the project. Their translation skills saved our bacon during the first day. Not only that but they led a rescue mission to find the coach that had gotten hopelessly lost in the dark. Americans to the rescue – another allegory.

Andy and Alex on the left. Painting the community room (Amy and Micheala are on the right).


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