The Big Moldova Blog – Part 7: The Real Work Begins

So to recap.

We drove along way. We’re in Moldova, the coach full of everyone else got lost but was rescued by the Peace Corps.

Anyway – after staying up late to wait for the coach I was completely knackered I decided to have a lay in. For this I was roundly ridiculed as everyone was up at about 6 or something absurd like that. Masochists.

The task that awaited me was digging and shovelling – lots and lots of digging and shovelling. Why? Well because the drainage ditch that we’d filled with large stones earlier needed to be levelled off at a constant 1 in 40 downhill gradient.

Engineers Level

I hung around John (the architect/engineer) and tried to figure out how to use this neat looking contraption. When I finally figured out what he was doing I was quite pleased with myself.

The result of careful measurements... my beautiful pea-grit ditch

During the day Alex sidled up and asked me if I wanted to go on an adventure – I did, so she explained that I was required to meet her at 5.30am to go to Chisinau on the bus for meat. Buying meat is not usually an adventure, but I thought it would be cool to tag along as I’m really keen to see more of this amazing country than just a school, which, frankly could be anywhere.

In the evening I led a raiding party to the local shop for beer and snacks, pleased with myself for being the guy in-the-know 🙂 A little bit of status at last!


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