The Rise and Rise of The Man-Bag (and other stuff)

I have a problem.

Skinny jeans look great, but they’re ruined if you put anything in the pockets. Therefore I have 3 options:

  • Don’t go out
  • Keep my keys in my hand and slip only a single debit card into my pocket
  • Take Ros with me and put all my stuff in her bag

These options are not acceptable – however, help is at hand. The man-bag.

It used to be that men had wallets, which went in jackets and if you were travelling with anything more than this then you were either derranged or you were going on holiday. Now we genuinely need somewhere to put our iPads/iPhone/iPod/keys/cards/laptops/ebook readers (delete as applicable). There is now a decent and growing range of over the shoulder small satchel like bags for men to carry around ‘stuff’ in.

River Island Black Canvass Bag – £24.99

This first one is quite nice – its definately big enough for an iPad and some other stuff, and probably big enough for most small laptops – although it won’t offer any protection against knocks or drops so make sure you have some else protecting it like the neoprene cases you can buy for Macbooks.


River Island - Rust Canvass Bag - £25.00

This one is perhaps a bit more interesting as its small enough to be taken everywhere – being midway between a satchel and handbag. Big enough for an iPad and book, but unless you have a miniscule laptop you’ll need another solution. Great colour though – I have some red Converse All Stars that are the same shade of red. Of course as a man any colour coordination is entirely accidental. Entirely.

Topman – Dunlop Apple Red PVC Bag – £22

For those that prefer a retro-sports look this is a great choice – big enough for a small laptop/iPad and a couple of books – it combines a sleek look with something that doesn’t look too dissimilar to a bootbag – if your nervous about moving into the world of bags, then this would be a great choice as you could probably convince people that your off to a game.

The best hat ever - £19.99

Just as an aside – this is the best hat ever ever ever! The River Island in my town is tiny so its not available to go and stroke, but I will be ordering it online the next time I get paid.


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