What do you do when you’re bored on a Saturday? You go to Ikea & Lakeside!

Yeah ok so its probably not right at the very top of the list for a nice evening out but at about 4 o’clock this afternoon I was struck with the desire to buy a table and chair set from Ikea.

I told Ros this and we went! Its 74 miles to Thurrock (Lakeside) which is like a giant horrible retail park with a giant shopping mall, an Ikea and a bunch of other stuff.

Off we go down the A12

A nice new bit of widened M25 - 3 years of pain, delays and tears to get there though


So we arrived at Ikea and despite the fact that I had a clear cut plan, a mission, direction and speed – it was derailed. Ros wanted to look at the showroom, I was all ready to shoot directly to the warehouse to pick up the Bollo table and chair set, but no, we went to look at the endless showroom.

This negative was turned into a positive because we walked around the showroom at a decent walking pace and there were some decent new products – such as this imperial red office chair. I reckon if I had that chair for only £80 I would probably look like I was in charge of something, something like the First Galactic Empire. Maybe.

James will see you nowAlso if we ever decide to blow a couple of grand on a new super-compact kitchen, this is the one I want. Its really compact and there’s even a washing machine and dishwasher tucked away in there. Oh and the panels at the back are magnetic so you can just stick saucepans and spatulas to wall. Just like on the Space Shuttle.

Super compact kitchen - £2300. Bargain.

Oh yeah and if I had a higher ceiling I would definitely have this lampshade – its enormous, about 2 feet across but it looks awesome.

I think this costs like £50 so its quite expensive for a paper lampshade - does look super though, really nice 60's aesthetic - just need primary coloured furniture and some platforms!

Anyway we got the table and chairs (I’m not taking pictures of them because they’re not interesting) and we headed to the retail mecca of Lakeside. Actually, Lakeside is the scummier of the regional shopping centres near me – Bluewater is much nicer but is 10 miles and a toll bridge further away.

Apparently some people spend days in the place, and it does have about 300 stores, and, randomly a diving school. I only wanted to buy a bear hat and a man bag. The damn River Island didn’t have the bag I wanted, so I went further afield to Topman/Topshop. Found a terrific bag…

Topman - £22 (or like £19 with student discount)

Whilst I was queueing to buy it, I saw a fantastic wallet – I have a decent wallet already but it doesn’t have a change compartment and that bugs me. You’ll notice a change of style on the header bar at the top of the blog, its actually a close up of the pattern on the wallet. I like it because it kinda looks like a doodle I might have done whilst I was supposed to be a lecture.

Totally wicked wallet - £10 Topman

Whilst I was in Topman I spotted some decent grey superskinny jeans that I’ve had my eye on for awhile, as Topman and Topshop are ostensibly two halves of the same shop I spied that basically the same jeans were cheaper in the womans half of the store. So I figured out my size is womens jeans (10) and got picked them up as well! Bonus.

Moto Leigh jeans - Topshop £38

Grey super-skinny jeans

Oh and the shop had a really cool sign. Enjoy it. Goodnight.

I'd be pretty pleased with something like this spelling out the word 'James' in my lounge


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