Adverts – The Post-Idea-Desperate Man’s Elixir

I have seen in the last 2 days 3 excellent adverts (commercials) which I have decided to share.

The previous post was all about packaging, and well, adverts are a sort of audio visual packaging. In the same way that my peppercorn pot portrayed purity and quiet sophistication with its imagery and colour, so to do these short videos add moving imagery, sound and music and ‘package’ a product or company.

Numeral unu: Lurpak – a butter company:

What are they up to? The butter is only on screen for about 5 seconds – well like physical packaging they’re stirring up and idea and associating their brand with it.

Numeral doi: Halifax – A bank (actually a bank owned by the government due to economic woes)

Halifax has a recent history of produce rather peculiar adverts – but what they’re up to here is pretty obvious. Banks have always been perceived as rather distant aloof institutions (amplified by the half-understood perceived alchemy of economic disaster that they seem to have visited on everyone). They’re positioning themselves as a champion of the ordinary man or woman. A consumer bank rather than an ‘evil’ investment bank. Of course they’re part of RBS group and they are an investment bank. Nice try though.

Numeral trei: Stella Artois – A Lager beer

These chaps can always be relied on to produce an artistic European themed (its a belgian beer) bit of film. In this case, associating the brand with effortless sophistication.


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