Saturday Steal: Time

I have given into temptation and decided to participate in Saturday Steals with the magnificent Camille from Archives of Our Lives.

My first steal is one that I share with everyone else in the UK this morning. I have stolen an extra hour!

What? How do you steal time, well its not really stealing its more of a redressing of the balance – the government stole an hour from me in the spring and now like the 5th Columnist I am I’m taking it back!

Actually, they’re giving it back which further undermines my assertion that this is a steal. It feels like one though because I’m spending an extra hour in bed this morning and thats just lazy and decadent!

Obviously whats really happening is that the clocks are returning to GMT for next six months. Its winter, so obviously the best idea is to shift an hour of daylight from the evening to the morning. Great, except that now it’ll get dark at 4pm, then half 3, then eventually 3 in afternoon which is absurd.

But for now. I’m happy with the free hour! Enjoy yours – maybe do something productive, if you do, please make it doubly productive to make up for my idleness. I’m gonna enjoy the rest of my 25 hour day!


Rad(ical) New Clothes from Rad Hourani

I like Rad Hourani’s clothes – not his personally mind, his designs. Unfortunately I generally have to observe from afar as they’re also quite expensive. Instead I’m going to share some interesting favourites from his latest collection – which doesn’t get released until 2012 (which gives me a chance to save up!). All the designs are unisex and portray and certain futuristic androgynous style which I think is pretty good. The fabrics are also usually really nice thick jersey style with Rayon and Spandex for a really fitted look.

Black Top - $255 (£158)

Ok, garment number one a black short sleeved shirt top. If you’re a pretty daring woman its probably long enough to be worn as a dress. Previously collections have included a fairly difficult to put on and take off (if you have big ears) square neck, and whilst this is a round neck it has a sort of tribute with some square-neck detailing.

Jersey TrousersThese are the signature trousers and they pretty much go with everything else in the collection – a really nice thick jersey material with a completely matt look.

If you have magnificent legs then these shorts made out of the same material as the shorts are going to look awesome. If anyone should query the tightness, the you could simple claim that they’re cycling shorts.


This one is pretty similar to the other black top, but the dusty matt blue looks really good with black trousers, again its probably long enough to be worn as a (rather short) dress.

This tunic top looks really interesting, a little bit like a black and white medical tunic, with some extra detailed epaulettes on the shoulders, it also has a longer back than front. Check out the collar!

This is called a skort apparently – and is a pair of the normal trousers with a skirt attached to the top – again you’d need to wear it probably with something else from the Rad range but it could look very good and it certainly attention grabbing. The back looks like this…

If you’re extremely daring then you can get them as shorts as well…

The trouble is that this does really look like a skirt, but it does look good if you’ve got the guts to pull it off – especially with the shoes too!


Foot contorting footwear for the fashion-concious

Did you enjoy the alliteration in my title? I did.

The Daily Mail (the bastion of miserable, nay apocalyptic journalism) reports on a report from the New York Times that high heels for men are now in vogue. And I don’t mean the nice 2 inch cuban heel or the small platform I mean the 5 inch stilettos.

These two dudes are sport some designer heels from Steve Madden and Chinese Laundry and they are obviously women’s shoes. But you know, it doesn’t look all that bad and with the right outfit it could work really well. You’ve got to have some guts to be at the forefront of fashion, and for this particular trend you’ve really got to have some balls*.

I’m willing to bet that this goes down a treat in Kensington or Maida Vale but whether I’d avoid getting beaten up in Ipswich is debatable, and most would come down on the side of ‘yes you’ll definitely get a beating’. You know what though? Why not. The shoes above are only womens shoes because the designer or the shop that sells them says there are. We just need some slightly more comfortable looking styles please.

*did you see what I did there?

Original article here.

A Party Political Broadcast

In the UK its illegal for political parties to advertise on television. However, before an election or during conferences of the main national parties (usually the Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, Greens, Plaid Cymru, SNP, UUP and Sinn Fein) they are allowed a 5 minute ‘tv spot’ broadcast on either the BBC or ITV just after the main evening news.

Recently, the Conservatives had their turn and what they did rather surprised me…

Its a group of leading Conservative MP’s basically doing a charity appeal. Is it a gimmick? Undoubtedly. Was it unusual and quite refreshing? Absolutely. Will it get them out of their current mire? Absolutely not.

A New School

I’ve been away for awhile…sorry about that.

Anyway, in a earlier post I talked about the Evelyn Grace Academy, a new school in the Brixton area of London. It actually won a prestigious architectural prize recently. But, we have a new school in our area which I regularly drive past and I thought it would be worth showing it off.

Educational buildings have evolved in recent years – they used to be very generic blocky buildings – institutional and of often poor design. Not much natural light, rough ergonomics and design to herd children from one classroom to the next with the least fuss possible.

A few years ago when we all had money (remember that?) and we didn’t know that the entire world financial system was a massive Ponzi Scheme the previous government decided that all primary and secondary schools should be rebuilt over 10 years. Quite an undertaking given that there are 21,398 primary schools and a further 3951 secondary schools altogether serving 9,000,000 pupils. Unfortunately the economy collapse and the government was swiftly dispatched from office and a new one formed in its place with rather more fiscally conservative policies, but not before a fair few new school buildings were finished.

This school in Ipswich is actually a Sixth Form, which is a school that deals with the last two years of secondary education (years 12 and 13, ages 17 and 18) – they’re often separate or semi-seperate from the main secondary schools as firstly, they’re not compulsory and secondly they offer a really wide variety of academic and more vocational subjects.

Its original name was the South West Ipswich and South Suffolk Sixth Form Centre, but thats a bloody big mouthful so its instead called ‘One’. Strange name for a school, but have a look inside…

Main entrance and reception area

A rather swish looking science lab

Yep - this is a proper recording studio - and yes thats a Mac Pro

Not enough Apple goodness in the last picture? Here, have a whole mouthful of Apple.

Nice informal corridor and learning spaces

A sports science suite thats better than the gym I pay a small fortune to belong to

Design and Technology


A mock up ward for Allied Health Professions and Beauty Therapy (whatever that is?)


Food technology kitchens - a step up from McDonalds at least

So we’re up to our eyeballs in sovereign debt, but we do have some fairly decent stuff to show for it. It did cost £50million which is rather a lot, nice curved wood panelling though and it seems a shame to let the kids near it…