A New School

I’ve been away for awhile…sorry about that.

Anyway, in a earlier post I talked about the Evelyn Grace Academy, a new school in the Brixton area of London. It actually won a prestigious architectural prize recently. But, we have a new school in our area which I regularly drive past and I thought it would be worth showing it off.

Educational buildings have evolved in recent years – they used to be very generic blocky buildings – institutional and of often poor design. Not much natural light, rough ergonomics and design to herd children from one classroom to the next with the least fuss possible.

A few years ago when we all had money (remember that?) and we didn’t know that the entire world financial system was a massive Ponzi Scheme the previous government decided that all primary and secondary schools should be rebuilt over 10 years. Quite an undertaking given that there are 21,398 primary schools and a further 3951 secondary schools altogether serving 9,000,000 pupils. Unfortunately the economy collapse and the government was swiftly dispatched from office and a new one formed in its place with rather more fiscally conservative policies, but not before a fair few new school buildings were finished.

This school in Ipswich is actually a Sixth Form, which is a school that deals with the last two years of secondary education (years 12 and 13, ages 17 and 18) – they’re often separate or semi-seperate from the main secondary schools as firstly, they’re not compulsory and secondly they offer a really wide variety of academic and more vocational subjects.

Its original name was the South West Ipswich and South Suffolk Sixth Form Centre, but thats a bloody big mouthful so its instead called ‘One’. Strange name for a school, but have a look inside…

Main entrance and reception area

A rather swish looking science lab

Yep - this is a proper recording studio - and yes thats a Mac Pro

Not enough Apple goodness in the last picture? Here, have a whole mouthful of Apple.

Nice informal corridor and learning spaces

A sports science suite thats better than the gym I pay a small fortune to belong to

Design and Technology


A mock up ward for Allied Health Professions and Beauty Therapy (whatever that is?)


Food technology kitchens - a step up from McDonalds at least

So we’re up to our eyeballs in sovereign debt, but we do have some fairly decent stuff to show for it. It did cost £50million which is rather a lot, nice curved wood panelling though and it seems a shame to let the kids near it…


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