Foot contorting footwear for the fashion-concious

Did you enjoy the alliteration in my title? I did.

The Daily Mail (the bastion of miserable, nay apocalyptic journalism) reports on a report from the New York Times that high heels for men are now in vogue. And I don’t mean the nice 2 inch cuban heel or the small platform I mean the 5 inch stilettos.

These two dudes are sport some designer heels from Steve Madden and Chinese Laundry and they are obviously women’s shoes. But you know, it doesn’t look all that bad and with the right outfit it could work really well. You’ve got to have some guts to be at the forefront of fashion, and for this particular trend you’ve really got to have some balls*.

I’m willing to bet that this goes down a treat in Kensington or Maida Vale but whether I’d avoid getting beaten up in Ipswich is debatable, and most would come down on the side of ‘yes you’ll definitely get a beating’. You know what though? Why not. The shoes above are only womens shoes because the designer or the shop that sells them says there are. We just need some slightly more comfortable looking styles please.

*did you see what I did there?

Original article here.


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