Saturday Steal: Time

I have given into temptation and decided to participate in Saturday Steals with the magnificent Camille from Archives of Our Lives.

My first steal is one that I share with everyone else in the UK this morning. I have stolen an extra hour!

What? How do you steal time, well its not really stealing its more of a redressing of the balance – the government stole an hour from me in the spring and now like the 5th Columnist I am I’m taking it back!

Actually, they’re giving it back which further undermines my assertion that this is a steal. It feels like one though because I’m spending an extra hour in bed this morning and thats just lazy and decadent!

Obviously whats really happening is that the clocks are returning to GMT for next six months. Its winter, so obviously the best idea is to shift an hour of daylight from the evening to the morning. Great, except that now it’ll get dark at 4pm, then half 3, then eventually 3 in afternoon which is absurd.

But for now. I’m happy with the free hour! Enjoy yours – maybe do something productive, if you do, please make it doubly productive to make up for my idleness. I’m gonna enjoy the rest of my 25 hour day!


One thought on “Saturday Steal: Time

  1. Hooray for free time! Our DST switches back this week (I don’t know why we don’t do it at the same time as you guys), and I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to it. Obviously you understand, though!

    Thanks for joining in the fun. Sorry it took me a million years to acknowledge it.

    Also, thanks for calling me the magnificent Camille. I love it so much I’ve decided I will no longer answer to anything less. I wasn’t quite sure if you and Ros liked me after I imposed on you over the summer (I think it’s because you’re English and I can never tell where I stand with English people [my next door neighbor is English and he’s very stern, never seems to think my jokes are funny {though he could hate me for completely valid reasons, say, our horribly neglected front yard}]), but I guess if you’re calling me the magnificent Camille we’re all good.

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