Take a Moment to Remember

During these days of festivity its worth taking a few moments out to reflect that whilst we may be surrounded by our family and friends who love us there are those families who are incomplete. At least 40,000 UK military forces are deployed overseas, many in dangerous areas of conflict such as Afghanistan.

Whilst we sit safe and warm, our nation has been at war for nearly 11 years – but for many its a silent war, one which crops up on the television once in while and in the dispatches listing the killed or injured.

For others its a daily battle, it is as real and as visceral the Blitz, they prey every day that those they love simply make it through today, tomorrow and the next day.

We may have lost sight of the objective, disagree with their purpose, berate the politicians who send them into harms way and baulk at the financial cost of operating a enormous armed forces operation – but they are still there, and still fighting, and still trying to survive to see their loved ones again.

Just to hammer the point home, enjoy this Christmas number one single – sung by the wives of those currently deployed.


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