The Sales

I’m going to lay my cards down early – I don’t like sales.

Women may well find them fun, but like most guys I find the idea of launching into town kicking and barging my way to a selection of goods reduced in price that I don’t really need…all because the retailer has put a time limit on the good times and promises to raise the prices again in a few days…pretty unappealing.

Instead I did some online shopping in the sales, and even though there’s been a bunch of bank holidays this week the stuff showed up ahead of schedule. Stand by for a whole heap of posts about stuff I’ve bought…including some rather astonishingly bright blue jeans.

For my elf outfit I ended up buying some £3 leggings from Primark and I’ve been trying to work out how to integrate them into general wear. So I bought a black cardigan to go with a long white t-shirt I already own and this is the result:

I’m pretty pleased with this – I think it still looks relatively masculine but also pretty edgy. The black chord of the white shirt works really well to link in the cardigan to rest of the outfit.

I think it also sort of works without the cardigan:

But I’m worried about the t-shirt looking too much like a dress. What does everyone else think?

Boots: River Island
T-shirt: The Long Company
Cardigan: Asos
Leggings: Primark


2 thoughts on “The Sales

  1. I don’t think the t-shirt looks too much like a dress, but even if it did: dude. you wear high heels and tights. You’re really concerned about wearing a dress? If anyone could rock a dress it would be you.

    Why shouldn’t you wear a dress?

  2. Well I suppose you’re right, but I don’t want to actually look like a girl though!

    Additionally, I don’t wear tights! I hate tights, I can’t stand the feel of them on Ros so I doubt I’d like them on me. The leg wear depicted are leggings.

    I’ve decided I need to lose weight, Ros and I are going on a health crusade as we’ve both put on several pounds during Christmas. For good news though our total expenditure on Christmas presents for the family was only about £11 thanks to some nice photographs I had enlarged and Ros’ savvy charity shop raids for frames.

    This is good because it means more money to get over the Atlantic to pester you! I’m pretty desperate to hire a car and go on an all-American road trip 🙂

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