Space Shuttle Jetsons Car

My interest in cars is not enormous. I tend to think that they’ll probably bugger the planet/humanity/environment. However, they are extremely useful. I presently own a Fiat 500 which is a sort of modernised retro car which was stylish a couple of years ago but is now ubiquitous.

However, if I ever manage to store up enough money (£18,000) I would very much like a Honda CR-Z. Why? Well if you’re going to drive a car it may as well be a good looking one. Now I’m sure (and I’ve mentioned this before) that we were promised amazing cityscape and flying pollution free cars in a global utopia, so I’d like a car that, whilst not being pollution free, at least looks a little like a spaceship and the CR-Z definitely looks like some sort of little sub-orbital shuttlecraft.

If the publicity shot is anything to go by it even comes with a modernist urban landscape – perfect!

It doesn’t only do urban landscapes though – it also does blurry American mid-west vistas too.

Now driving a spaceship on ordinary roads is no good if the inside looks like a car, fortunately Honda have that covered too…

Now it must be understood that the speedometer is actually in thousands of mph, and the little set of symbols to the bottom right is something to do with landing on the moon (probably).

The best bit is that this isn’t a concept car, its a real one that can be purchased right now, but I make no warranty as to whether it can actually go into space. I highly recommend that use some simple safety measures before trying, hell – at least take some oxygen with you just in case.