Hotpants (false advertising in this case)

Is it ever possible that men will be allowed to wear hot-pants?

I don’t think it’ll ever be particularly common, but there are designers doing short-shorts for menfolk – Rad Hourani in particular (see previous post)

I have a pair that I’ve been using to preserve my dignity whilst wearing leggings as otherwise I suffer from a rather unsightly male ballet-danceresque bulge in that area. Not that I’m bragging or anything.

Anyway, this is my attempt at modelling hotpants.

My conclusion? Simple: omg I have f**king girls legs. Manly shoulders, but girls legs. No hotpants for me then. Harrumph.


Light Games

I have recently recharged the batteries of the remote control for my Philips Ambilight – which is a large neat LED lamp designed to light up your wall with any one of about 65,000 colours.

In honour of this I have decided to have a few games with light and colour – as well as show off some outfit ideas.

"my precious...."

Ok so this first one I actually like so much I’ve made it my Facebook profile picture. I’m wearing a Light Up Electric Souls t-shirt which I think was from River Island and also some electric blue jeans from Asos.

This one is mustard yellow jeans from People’s Market and a sort of Aztec design t-shirt from Asos, as well and my awesome Marc by Marc Jacobs boots. This one is particularly amusing because it sort of looks like my legs might well go on for ever…

Same outfit as the other blue one, but leaning up against the wall looking a bit stoned.

I’ve noticed recently theres a definitely trend at the moment for Aztec print leggings, this is my attempt to get in on the action, these are from River Island and the t-shirt is from The Long Clothing Company.

Cradling the Sun

I think this picture makes me look a bit chubby, but I do like the pattern on thrown on the wall by the lamp.

This is probably my brightest post yet. I don’t really have anything meaningful to say, I just wanted to share pretty colours with everyone!

Gender Blending

Right, well I’ve been experimenting with putting together something decent to go with the magnificent new boots. I think I’m come up with something thats not half bad so I thought I’d release it onto the world.

As I posted before, I was trying to find a way to use the leggings I bought for the elf outfit in my general everyday wear, so I thought why not use them with some black shorts (they’re actually pretty close to hotpants, but shhhhh).

Combined with a black t-shirt maybe a black long cardigan (but I’m not so sure about it, comments please) and I think I have something that looks pretty good – and not too feminine either.

I’m actually quite pleased with this photo – as well as the outfit!

This picture shows off the boots quite nicely. I also put on a bit heavier eyeliner than I normally wear to try and link in my face with the blackness of the boots, t-shirt and shorts.

This one includes the cardigan too, I’m not so sure about it because it think it makes me look a bit top heavy as I seem have pretty thin legs, but comments are appreciated.

Have a great week.

The New Boots

As part of my gender-blending fashion agenda I got permission from Ros to buy some Marc by Marc Jacobs wedge boots that were on sale. Pretty good, I thought as there was well over $200 off at (by the way, for the sum of $0, they shipped them over to the UK in just 2 days).

Like most of the weird footwear I buy I think they’ll be paired with skinnies, but as I’ve said before I was trying to work out ways of integrating leggings into my wardrobe so I might go down that route too, maybe with some shorts… but we’ll see.

So here they are:

They are a fairly narrow fit but they good for my size 8 feet (11us, 42eu). They’re really nice and heavy solid feeling and for 4 1/2 inch heels they’re pretty comfortable. Really nice stitching detail around the eyelets.

The inside is really nice red leather. In short I’m really pleased with them and I’m looking forward to trying out a few outfits including them! Stay tuned for future updates…

The Sales

I’m going to lay my cards down early – I don’t like sales.

Women may well find them fun, but like most guys I find the idea of launching into town kicking and barging my way to a selection of goods reduced in price that I don’t really need…all because the retailer has put a time limit on the good times and promises to raise the prices again in a few days…pretty unappealing.

Instead I did some online shopping in the sales, and even though there’s been a bunch of bank holidays this week the stuff showed up ahead of schedule. Stand by for a whole heap of posts about stuff I’ve bought…including some rather astonishingly bright blue jeans.

For my elf outfit I ended up buying some £3 leggings from Primark and I’ve been trying to work out how to integrate them into general wear. So I bought a black cardigan to go with a long white t-shirt I already own and this is the result:

I’m pretty pleased with this – I think it still looks relatively masculine but also pretty edgy. The black chord of the white shirt works really well to link in the cardigan to rest of the outfit.

I think it also sort of works without the cardigan:

But I’m worried about the t-shirt looking too much like a dress. What does everyone else think?

Boots: River Island
T-shirt: The Long Company
Cardigan: Asos
Leggings: Primark

The Christmas Elf

A few weeks ago a colleague of ours at work died. I cannot claim to have worked with her on a regular basis, but I knew her and I was saddened by her death. The weirdest thing was that she wasn’t, on the face of it, ill in any way. She didn’t have a car crash, or get murdered, or have a piano fall on her whilst walking through the street. She simply died. She went home from work one evening, went to bed and died.

Something about this seems grossly unfair. People don’t just die, something has to happen first right? No, apparently not, people can just die – for no good reason at all.

This is called Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. We’re doing some bits and pieces at work for fun and for charity this Christmas, and we picked the charity that researches this phenomenon as the one to donate the money to. It’s here if you fancy making a donation.

I’m going to work dressed a bit like a elf for the day – I’ve roped Ros into making me a massive Elf hat… but the outfit so far is….

Now this has got to be worth a couple of quid?

Rock and Candy Lulu – Out in the World!


My girlfriend doesn’t really know know how to work my fancy-dan camera – but this is not a bad effort.

'Don't stand there staring at your feet'

I have a strange desired to jump i the air and play air-guitar, I think its caused by the shoes and skinny jeans, but I can’t be sure.

Have a good evening folks.





Rad(ical) New Clothes from Rad Hourani

I like Rad Hourani’s clothes – not his personally mind, his designs. Unfortunately I generally have to observe from afar as they’re also quite expensive. Instead I’m going to share some interesting favourites from his latest collection – which doesn’t get released until 2012 (which gives me a chance to save up!). All the designs are unisex and portray and certain futuristic androgynous style which I think is pretty good. The fabrics are also usually really nice thick jersey style with Rayon and Spandex for a really fitted look.

Black Top - $255 (£158)

Ok, garment number one a black short sleeved shirt top. If you’re a pretty daring woman its probably long enough to be worn as a dress. Previously collections have included a fairly difficult to put on and take off (if you have big ears) square neck, and whilst this is a round neck it has a sort of tribute with some square-neck detailing.

Jersey TrousersThese are the signature trousers and they pretty much go with everything else in the collection – a really nice thick jersey material with a completely matt look.

If you have magnificent legs then these shorts made out of the same material as the shorts are going to look awesome. If anyone should query the tightness, the you could simple claim that they’re cycling shorts.


This one is pretty similar to the other black top, but the dusty matt blue looks really good with black trousers, again its probably long enough to be worn as a (rather short) dress.

This tunic top looks really interesting, a little bit like a black and white medical tunic, with some extra detailed epaulettes on the shoulders, it also has a longer back than front. Check out the collar!

This is called a skort apparently – and is a pair of the normal trousers with a skirt attached to the top – again you’d need to wear it probably with something else from the Rad range but it could look very good and it certainly attention grabbing. The back looks like this…

If you’re extremely daring then you can get them as shorts as well…

The trouble is that this does really look like a skirt, but it does look good if you’ve got the guts to pull it off – especially with the shoes too!


What do you do when you’re bored on a Saturday? You go to Ikea & Lakeside!

Yeah ok so its probably not right at the very top of the list for a nice evening out but at about 4 o’clock this afternoon I was struck with the desire to buy a table and chair set from Ikea.

I told Ros this and we went! Its 74 miles to Thurrock (Lakeside) which is like a giant horrible retail park with a giant shopping mall, an Ikea and a bunch of other stuff.

Off we go down the A12

A nice new bit of widened M25 - 3 years of pain, delays and tears to get there though


So we arrived at Ikea and despite the fact that I had a clear cut plan, a mission, direction and speed – it was derailed. Ros wanted to look at the showroom, I was all ready to shoot directly to the warehouse to pick up the Bollo table and chair set, but no, we went to look at the endless showroom.

This negative was turned into a positive because we walked around the showroom at a decent walking pace and there were some decent new products – such as this imperial red office chair. I reckon if I had that chair for only £80 I would probably look like I was in charge of something, something like the First Galactic Empire. Maybe.

James will see you nowAlso if we ever decide to blow a couple of grand on a new super-compact kitchen, this is the one I want. Its really compact and there’s even a washing machine and dishwasher tucked away in there. Oh and the panels at the back are magnetic so you can just stick saucepans and spatulas to wall. Just like on the Space Shuttle.

Super compact kitchen - £2300. Bargain.

Oh yeah and if I had a higher ceiling I would definitely have this lampshade – its enormous, about 2 feet across but it looks awesome.

I think this costs like £50 so its quite expensive for a paper lampshade - does look super though, really nice 60's aesthetic - just need primary coloured furniture and some platforms!

Anyway we got the table and chairs (I’m not taking pictures of them because they’re not interesting) and we headed to the retail mecca of Lakeside. Actually, Lakeside is the scummier of the regional shopping centres near me – Bluewater is much nicer but is 10 miles and a toll bridge further away.

Apparently some people spend days in the place, and it does have about 300 stores, and, randomly a diving school. I only wanted to buy a bear hat and a man bag. The damn River Island didn’t have the bag I wanted, so I went further afield to Topman/Topshop. Found a terrific bag…

Topman - £22 (or like £19 with student discount)

Whilst I was queueing to buy it, I saw a fantastic wallet – I have a decent wallet already but it doesn’t have a change compartment and that bugs me. You’ll notice a change of style on the header bar at the top of the blog, its actually a close up of the pattern on the wallet. I like it because it kinda looks like a doodle I might have done whilst I was supposed to be a lecture.

Totally wicked wallet - £10 Topman

Whilst I was in Topman I spotted some decent grey superskinny jeans that I’ve had my eye on for awhile, as Topman and Topshop are ostensibly two halves of the same shop I spied that basically the same jeans were cheaper in the womans half of the store. So I figured out my size is womens jeans (10) and got picked them up as well! Bonus.

Moto Leigh jeans - Topshop £38

Grey super-skinny jeans

Oh and the shop had a really cool sign. Enjoy it. Goodnight.

I'd be pretty pleased with something like this spelling out the word 'James' in my lounge

The Rise and Rise of The Man-Bag (and other stuff)

I have a problem.

Skinny jeans look great, but they’re ruined if you put anything in the pockets. Therefore I have 3 options:

  • Don’t go out
  • Keep my keys in my hand and slip only a single debit card into my pocket
  • Take Ros with me and put all my stuff in her bag

These options are not acceptable – however, help is at hand. The man-bag.

It used to be that men had wallets, which went in jackets and if you were travelling with anything more than this then you were either derranged or you were going on holiday. Now we genuinely need somewhere to put our iPads/iPhone/iPod/keys/cards/laptops/ebook readers (delete as applicable). There is now a decent and growing range of over the shoulder small satchel like bags for men to carry around ‘stuff’ in.

River Island Black Canvass Bag – £24.99

This first one is quite nice – its definately big enough for an iPad and some other stuff, and probably big enough for most small laptops – although it won’t offer any protection against knocks or drops so make sure you have some else protecting it like the neoprene cases you can buy for Macbooks.


River Island - Rust Canvass Bag - £25.00

This one is perhaps a bit more interesting as its small enough to be taken everywhere – being midway between a satchel and handbag. Big enough for an iPad and book, but unless you have a miniscule laptop you’ll need another solution. Great colour though – I have some red Converse All Stars that are the same shade of red. Of course as a man any colour coordination is entirely accidental. Entirely.

Topman – Dunlop Apple Red PVC Bag – £22

For those that prefer a retro-sports look this is a great choice – big enough for a small laptop/iPad and a couple of books – it combines a sleek look with something that doesn’t look too dissimilar to a bootbag – if your nervous about moving into the world of bags, then this would be a great choice as you could probably convince people that your off to a game.

The best hat ever - £19.99

Just as an aside – this is the best hat ever ever ever! The River Island in my town is tiny so its not available to go and stroke, but I will be ordering it online the next time I get paid.