The New

Ros and I decided to go to London at the weekend. She has a ‘Priv’ ticket because her dad works on the railways and I have a season ticket so we both get free travel at the weekend (Ros actually gets free travel all the time) so there’s really no excuse not to go on little adventures from time to time.

We went to Covent Garden where I realised that my nearly new Lumix GF3 camera was broken. This pissed me off so we went shopping instead of wondering around taking delightful pictures in the afternoon winter sun.

We visited the Dr Marten’s shop and went to Westfield Stratford (largest urban shopping centre* in Europe).

We both bought some stuff, I bought these totally awesome Dr Marten’s….

Dr Marten 'Lucie'

They were HALF PRICE (£62) and thus count for one of Camille’s Saturday Steals. The heel is about 2 inches and they’re pretty ‘workman’ looking. They can easily be paired with a whole range of stuff and are a hell of alot easier to walk in that some of my other (rather higher) heeled boots.

Once at home I set about integrating them into an outfit and this is what I came up with…

Notice how I’ve managed to destroy the masculine credentials of the boots by wearing leggings and what amounts to a very short dress. But hey, they also look great with regular jeans and a t-shirt for those days when one is feeling a tad more conservative.

*American’s call these ‘malls’

PS. Does everyone like my balcony trellis?


Saturday Steal: Time

I have given into temptation and decided to participate in Saturday Steals with the magnificent Camille from Archives of Our Lives.

My first steal is one that I share with everyone else in the UK this morning. I have stolen an extra hour!

What? How do you steal time, well its not really stealing its more of a redressing of the balance – the government stole an hour from me in the spring and now like the 5th Columnist I am I’m taking it back!

Actually, they’re giving it back which further undermines my assertion that this is a steal. It feels like one though because I’m spending an extra hour in bed this morning and thats just lazy and decadent!

Obviously whats really happening is that the clocks are returning to GMT for next six months. Its winter, so obviously the best idea is to shift an hour of daylight from the evening to the morning. Great, except that now it’ll get dark at 4pm, then half 3, then eventually 3 in afternoon which is absurd.

But for now. I’m happy with the free hour! Enjoy yours – maybe do something productive, if you do, please make it doubly productive to make up for my idleness. I’m gonna enjoy the rest of my 25 hour day!