Light Games

I have recently recharged the batteries of the remote control for my Philips Ambilight – which is a large neat LED lamp designed to light up your wall with any one of about 65,000 colours.

In honour of this I have decided to have a few games with light and colour – as well as show off some outfit ideas.

"my precious...."

Ok so this first one I actually like so much I’ve made it my Facebook profile picture. I’m wearing a Light Up Electric Souls t-shirt which I think was from River Island and also some electric blue jeans from Asos.

This one is mustard yellow jeans from People’s Market and a sort of Aztec design t-shirt from Asos, as well and my awesome Marc by Marc Jacobs boots. This one is particularly amusing because it sort of looks like my legs might well go on for ever…

Same outfit as the other blue one, but leaning up against the wall looking a bit stoned.

I’ve noticed recently theres a definitely trend at the moment for Aztec print leggings, this is my attempt to get in on the action, these are from River Island and the t-shirt is from The Long Clothing Company.

Cradling the Sun

I think this picture makes me look a bit chubby, but I do like the pattern on thrown on the wall by the lamp.

This is probably my brightest post yet. I don’t really have anything meaningful to say, I just wanted to share pretty colours with everyone!


Britain in Space

Turn out that Britain used to have a proper space programme – unlike the rather sad piggybacking on the ESA that we do now. Unfortunately, our space programme was rather short lived, managing to successfully launch only one satellite, carried by a giant rocket propelled lipstick.

Prospero Satellite - launched from Woomera (a little bit of Australia where we used to test our nuclear weapons)

Now I think that the current retreat from space is really quite sad. A while ago I was thinking about the loss of Concorde – and likewise this feels like a step back. I know the arguments for withdrawing funding from space exploration, afterall, no-one seems to have much money at the moment and its probably deemed a no-brainer to divert funding into schools and hospitals.

But I think its important not to forget that exploration can be an end unto itself – the only trouble is that you can’t build a business case for it. It is by definition stepping into the unknown – but thats whats exciting and it has the potential to galvanise people, sharing a common purpose and striving to meet the same goals. Even if you don’t discover new miracles of science and technology, that common purpose is worth something, probably something that even Mastercard can’t buy.

Anyway – onto some stuff about design: Below is the logo of the government’s space agency. Why is good? Well its the Union Flag turned into a rocket – I’m not sure that anything could be cooler (except maybe if the agency had some actual rockets to launch).