Clothes and Fashion Stuff

Do posts about clothes and fashion belong in a blog about design? You bet they do!

Why? Well because design is almost always about expression, or communication of something. Not necessarily in a pretentious way (I’m not talking about art that speaks to you), but often in a really simplistic matter-of-fact way. For example, a ‘frogs’ road sign* is designed to convey information quickly to drivers to be careful because frogs or toads may be crossing the road.

Likewise with clothes I think that most people choose what they wear to convey a message about themselves, whether it be a low key to try and hide away in a crowd or a band t-shirt or something unusual to get noticed, they are applying some design theory to themselves.

So yes, postings about clothes definitely belong on a design blog, but I will leave it to you to determine what message I’m trying to convey about myself!


*Yes this sign really exists…. proof below


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