The Travel Industry

Of course in times of recession & austerity people make cutbacks. They trim out the things they don’t really need in order to preserve their standard of living. The drop the expensive gym, the magazine subscription, the deluxe organic pet food and also regular foreign holidays.

Whereas travel agents used to advertise all the amazing offers they had to take a family of 4 to one of Balearics for 2 weeks – now they feel the need to remind us why we need holidays in the first place. Thomson’s latest advert makes a pretty decent stab at reminding us…


Bringing you back to you… a commercial break

Yeah yeah I know I’m back on my old habits of posting about commercials but this one caught my eye enough to want to share it with you – the beleaguered reader who only stumbled on here by accident – you were probably looking for plane tickets to somewhere exciting like Fiji…. I’d like to go to Fiji, firstly because the word looks excellent when written… Fiji – just look at all those excellent dotted characters. Secondly because Queen Elizabeth II is technically queen of Fiji, or more properly Paramount Chief of Fiji.

But I digress…

This is an advert by a tea company called Twinnings, previously fronted by Stephen Fry, they’ve enjoyed a resurgence of late as people are spend more money on perceived upmarket or luxury brands to make up for the fact that no-one can afford to go on holiday.

The advert takes the form of a young woman in a rowing boat on chopping waters, and she’s clearly no enjoying herself. She valiantly fights the waters but loses her ores. As all hope seems lost, gulls swoop her little raft up and deposit her in the calm, she disembarks and merges with herself on the shore whilst drinking a cup tea – the strap line? Brings you back to you.

Very clever, beautifully animated, and the music by Charlene Soraia (downloadable from iTune) is an excellent fit.