The Incidental Purchase

Because Ros has a bit of a book fetish we have run out of bookshelf space. There are just slightly over two thousand books hanging around in our 2 bedroom flat. There are also 350 of my DVD’s which take up valuable book space. Consequently it was necessary to buy more space… cue a trip to Ikea to buy DVD shelves for the hallway media overspill zone.

Whilst we were there we remembered that we needed a new liquid soap dispenser for the kitchen. What we found were these…

They’re called Limmaren and come in a 4 pack containing a dispenser, a bottle, a jar and soap dish, all really nice thick glass for only £7.99 which is about $11 – I think this a pretty good bargain. I really like the look of seeing the liquid soap inside the bottle, and the pump mechanism sucking it out when the top is depressed.

The blue soap also throws quite pretty shadows on the white tiles too!

They’re just cheap and stylish – bonus!